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Gotta find you someone that knows they can't change you and don't wanna try to. Acceptance is the key to honesty and honest is the most romantic thing you can be. #writingoutmythoughts #wisdom #thekindofpersonineed
Thank you to my brothers @stormey_coleman & @rhinomktg10x for taking the time with me today to stop by Goodwill and Pine Street Homeless shelter.. Now they have a grill on the roof to cook bbq ! #Enjoyingtheprocess #itsbiggerthanus
"You can open your eyes and see everything I see / people on the streets dying from hunger & disease / politicians aren't trying to find the remedy / seems they'd rather open fire, more guns than jobs for hire / so nothing's left but hustling for my community / because I'm so tired of struggling to feed my family / no help come from the government when love is all we need, love is all we need... #loveisallweneed " My heart goes out to all the lost soldiers along the way. In this world of inequality and hatred.
Find a way to #enjoytheprocess of love and life. Surround yourself with friends in fellowship. Fill your space with laughter, and conversation. You're never too old to have fun.
Why is the idea of failure such a taboo when the truth is it's a beautiful necessity. Failure is just another version of success. Learning how NOT to do something is just as important as knowing how. #wisdom #Enjoyingtheprocess #writingoutmythoughts
Red dogs hit my trap, got me for a half a zone, been trapping all day, can't wait to get home, lil mama in the bed she ain't got no panties on, soon as I hit the door she already know it's on. #10yearanniversaryconcert for @youngjeezy #ATL πŸ“·: @benstylestv
I'm not sure how I'm always in the right place at the right time, but I want to give a major salute to my youngin' @jacquees for asking me to be a part of the song "Feel it" with @richhomiequan & produced by @kmajormusic... checkout "Magic Mike XXL" in THEATRES TODAY!! #magicmikexx #Igotthesexscene #GODisGOOD #soundtrack
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